Summer Blossom Honey

Produced from a medley of wildflowers that bloom in forest and meadows, our Summer Blossom Honey offers a medley of flavours that is fresh, pure, with a medium honey taste. 

Thorah Island Honey

Thorah Island Honey is typically a darker golden shaded honey, giving it a powerful honey flavour. It can also carry hints of cinnamon.

Georgina Island Honey

The wide array of flowers on Georgina Island help its vibrant bee communities thrive. Typically a darker shaded honey,  it is the most powerful honey flavour among our honey varieties. Georgina Island Honey can also carry hints of cinnamon and buckthorn. 



HIgh-quality natural products made locally at the HBRC


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100% OntarioHoney

Summer Blossom Honey

Our Summer Blossom Honey collection is sourced from a wide variety of wildflowers resulting in the most pure and delicious honey.

Thorah Island Honey

The rich texture and flavour of this honey are unique and much beloved.
Thorah Island, a lake island located in the Southeast portion of Lake Simcoe, is used as an isolated mating station for the bees who produce the most remarkable honey. 

Georgina Island Honey

Georgina Island, the largest of the lake islands of Lake Simcoe, is used as a breeding station for the Honey Bee Research Centre. The wide array of flowers in the region helps in producing the most tasteful golden honey. 

Raw Honey

Our raw honey is never filtered or heated - creating a flavourful, robust honey that retains enzymes and pollen for optimal health benefits. It has been double settled and hand bottled at the time of extracting. Starting as a liquid, the honey crystallizes naturally over time.